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Safety gas

 A,Matters needing attention when using natural gas

Natural gas is a clean, efficient, high-quality energy. According to the requirements of municipal government for energy structure adjustment, natural gas will gradually replace artificial gas and liquefied petroleum gas. Natural gas will become the leading gas source of city gas.

The main component of natural gas is methane, which has the advantages of non-toxic, high calorific value, stable combustion, less pollution to the environment and so on. It is the best gas source for city gas. Like artificial gas, natural gas also has flammable and explosive characteristics. When the mixture of natural gas and air reaches a certain concentration range, explosive mixed gas will be formed. The explosion limit of natural gas is 5%~15%, which belongs to class a chemical dangerous goods. When natural gas leaks, an explosion will happen if an open flame is encountered. Therefore, natural gas explosion or fire is dangerous, so we must prevent the leakage of natural gas. The gas pipeline and gas appliance installation, should be installed with the corresponding qualification of personnel, use of safety gas appliances. If there is leakage, please turn off the gas switch immediately, open the doors and windows. And be careful not to drive off the electrical switch immediately to outdoor phone repair.

a, You should pay attention to the use of natural gas that is exhaust ventilation in four seasons. If the doors and windows closed and the use of water heaters for a long time, it will lead to indoor air exhaustion and hypoxia asphyxia.

b, The gas water heater and exhaust flue are installed strictly according to the instructions of the water heater. Water heater should be cleaned every six months or 8 months.

c, When using gas to prevent the fire overflow out by wind or water. You can use a safe cooker with automatic flameout protection when necessary.

d, If it is found that indoor gas leakage and other abnormal circumstances, the use of naked flame inspection is prohibited. The doors and windows should be opened first, the gas main switch should be closed, and the people inside the room should be evacuated. Avoid opening and closing any electrical equipment on the spot, and contact with our company in time.

e, If there is a smoke poisoning accident, the patient should be immediately lifted to the outdoor ventilation well. Help patients do artificial respiration. Serious should be immediately sent to hospital with hyperbaric oxygen.

f, To connect gas cookers, use special hose, check regularly, change regularly, the interface should be fastened with clamps, and the hose should not be dragged too long.

g, In recent years, more gas accidents have occurred. Most of them are due to the non professional installation personnel can not fully grasp the technical requirements of the installation. It hides many unsafe factors. To this end, we remind you not to modify, move, install, dismantle gas facilities or change gas use. Not to install gas appliances directly on the gas transmission pipeline network or take other gas acts endangering public safety. For the happiness of your family and public safety in the installation of gas equipment, you should be recognized by the government have the qualification certificate or certificate unit with professional technical professional installation.

h, A year before the winter, to conduct a self all kinds of gas facilities to deal with their home.

B,The main cause of gas accidents

a,Leakage accident caused by lack of gas appliance knowledge

Do not know the use of gas. Such as, the switch is not closed; automatic ignition stoves are not ignited; etc.These easy to cause leakage and accidents.

b,Gas leakage accident caused by aging hose or rubber tube falling off.

Hose used for too long, and long-term under the condition of high temperature work that easy aging, cracking and leakage occurred. In addition, the hose and valve interface connection or connection must be in close agreement with stove. Otherwise it is easy to cause leakage and hose off.

c,Unauthorized illegal installation of gas water heater and causing poisoning accident

After the customer selects the gas water heater, please install the professional personnel with the qualification certificate. Please do not use any non-qualified migrant workers or general plumbers. Installation is not standard, such as: do not install exhaust gas emission flue, water heater location improper. This makes the water heater exhaust emissions indoors, causing poisoning.

d,The explosion was caused by an open fire.

Check the leak commonly use soap solution. Apply soap or laundry detergent to the leak area. If the soap liquid meets the leak point, the leaking gas will blow out the soap. Do not check air leakage with open fire (such as lighters, matches) or it is highly likely to cause an explosion. Check leak commonly use soap liquid to cut not to use open fire.

e,Use of inferior fuel gas can easily cause gas accidents.

Due to the poor production process of the cooker has not been strictly monitored, many quality indicators are not up to the specified requirements. Focal switch “off dead” has poor sealing performance of internal fault occurred frequently. Leakage is easy to occur during use. Therefore, you must choose the regular manufacturers, distributors and distribution of water heaters.

f,The gas is not completely burning exhaust gas can cause poisoning easily

Natural gas has a high calorific value, in the combustion process, will consume a large amount of air, at the same time produce large amounts of waste gas. 1 cubic meters of natural gas combustion will consume 10 cubic meters of oxygen in the air. It produces 1 cubic meters of carbon dioxide and 2 cubic meters of water. If the exhaust gas and fresh air can not be eliminated in time, the oxygen content in the air will gradually decrease. Lack of oxygen will lead to incomplete combustion of natural gas and a lot of carbon monoxide. It caused people to be poisoned and suffocated because of lack of oxygen. Therefore, in the process of using natural gas, you must keep the environment in good ventilation. The exhaust gas is discharged to the outside to prevent personnel injury caused by carbon monoxide in suffocation or exhaust gas.

On the morning of June 10, the “Gas Safety Propaganda Week” was officially launched at Guangming Plaza.