Gas knowledge
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Gas knowledge

A,Natural gas knowledge

a, Natural gas is a clean energy that the main component is CH4.

b, The calorific value of natural gas is high and it usually more than 9000 kcal per cubic meter.

c, The energy efficiency of natural gas is high, and the energy utilization rate of general coal-fired power plants is not more than 38%. And the efficiency of natural gas power generation can reach more than 52%.

d, Natural gas is widely used, mainly for power generation, city gas, industrial fuel, chemical raw materials, natural gas vehicles, etc.

B, Matters needing attention in use of natural gas

a, Natural gas should pay attention to exhaust ventilation in four seasons. If the doors and windows closed, the use of water heaters for a long time will make the indoor air exhaustion and hypoxia asphyxia.

b, The water heater must be equipped with a flue for exhaust gas. Flue gas must be placed in the atmosphere

c, In order to prevent the water overflow out by flame or by wind, please use a safety cooker automatic flameout protection device.

d, If natural gas leakage and other anomalies are found. Naked flame inspection is prohibited. You should contact Gas Company in time. Telephone number: 96517.

e, The hose connected to the cooker should use gas hose and regular check and regular exchange.

C, Safe use of gas cooker matters

a, Understand the safety characteristics of gas and operate according to the instructions of gas equipment.

b, You need someone to take care of you when you use gas. In order to prevent the water overflow out by flame or by wind, please use a safety type cooker automatic flameout protection device.

c, Often check whether the rubber hose connected to the stove is crushed and aging and the rolling head is properly installed. The hose shall not be used for more than two years.

d, The gas cooker cycle is 8 years.

e, If gas leakage occurs, the gas master switch should be shut off immediately, the doors and windows should be opened, and the Gas Company will be repaired by telephone. It is forbidden to leak detection with open flame and switch on and off.

f, Check all the gas switches before going to bed.

D, Safety knowledge of using gas water heater

a, Those who install gas water heater must have professional certificate of gas.

b, The gas water heater must be equipped with flue gas, and the flue gas must be discharged into the atmosphere.

c, When the gas water heater is used, doors and windows should be properly opened, so that air convection can be avoided, and indoor hypoxia can cause suffocation of the personnel.

d, Gas water heater maintenance and cleaning once a year.

E, How to repair and deal with gas leakage?

a, If your gas equipment leaks, you should call the Gas Company to repair immediately. Before the Gas Co maintenance personnel arrive, the customer should turn off the gas switch, open the doors and windows to make the room ventilation, and pay attention to not to turn off or switch on the electrical switch.

b, Rescue treatment of gas poisoning personnel

Found that someone gas poisoning, people should immediately open doors and windows, and carried the patients to the outdoor ventilation area, to help patients do artificial respiration. Severe poisoning Yangcang hospital to send a cure.

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