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Hanas staff donations for the injured mother and daughter of ZiXinYuan

The morning of August 9, 2015 7, Yinchuan City Jinfeng District No. 22 ZiXinYuan building 12 unit 502 room gas explosion accident. A mother and daughter were burned. Received a 96517 alarm, Hanas emergency rescue personnel and fire control, security, public security departments rushed to the scene to rescue the first time.

After the accident, the mother and daughter’s injury has aroused widespread concern in the community, but also always affects the hearts of all employees Hanas. Knowing that the mother and daughter had serious burns and that the family economy was very difficult to afford the expensive medical expenses. Hanas more than 500 employees spontaneously organized to raise money for treatment of donation. A donation of 48900 yuan has been received in the past few days.

The morning of August 13th, Hanas employee representatives to the affiliated hospital to visit the injured, and personally delivered to the hands of the injured relatives donations. Here, we sincerely hope that the injured can recover soon.

The cost of the accident is painful. The gas safety related to people’s lives and property safety then you must not be ignored. Hanas reminds you that for the health of you and your family, pay attention to the use of natural gas.

First,Develop the Right Habits

1.Window Ventilation.

Combustion of natural gas requires oxygen combustion. Whether in winter or summer, the use of gas windows ventilation required. Another important point is that the proportion of natural gas lighter than the air, once the leak will float in time. It is not easy to gather, but also reduces the risk of accidents.

2.Regular Inspection.

The gas valve should be carefully checked before and after the use of gas every day. There are no loose connection pipe comprises a pipe clamp, hose connection is loose and there is no strange gas facilities. Some security conscious users, check again every day before the rest to see whether the valve has forgotten to shut down, etc.. To ensure their own security, but also to ensure the safety of neighbors and other users of life and property.

3.Hose Replacement.

The hose connected to the cooker must be replaced for 1-2 years. Avoid gas leakage due to aging, hardening, cracking and so on. It can be smeared with a brush with soapy water at the pipe interface. If there is bubbling phenomenon that may have gas leakage, the user must promptly call our service hotline. By professional staff home maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers.

4. People Do not Leave the Stove.

Users in the process of use, can not appear in the use of stoves without supervision. People can not leave the stove. After the cooking is finished, the gas appliance switch and the stove front valve must be closed and the window ventilation should be maintained.

5. Implement Quality

The gas user must be formal manufacturers purchase production through formal channels burning appliances. We should pay attention to the purchase source matching. That is to say the use of natural gas natural gas stove must buy professional. According to the relevant provisions of the national standard of 17905, domestic gas appliances user service life for 8 years and after the expiration should be promptly replaced. The use of the gas appliances in the service of overage will not only cause the loss of gas, but also increase the risk of accidents.

Summer is the peak period of decoration. Do not change the gas pipeline at any time during the decoration. Try to keep it in its original state. In order to find hidden dangers and maintenance, it is recommended that users not to wrap the gas meter and the pipe in the package space. Because personalized decoration needs to change the gas pipe, you can dial 96517 to make an appointment. We will send professional staff to the door, in line with the safety of gas on the premise of professional modification.

Secend,Once the leakage is found, the following treatment can be adopted:

Natural gas company piped natural gas to the user that is adding a colorless non-toxic deodorant (four hydrogen phenol). Its peculiar smell like rotten eggs can be used as a basis for residents to judge whether there is a gas leak in their homes. In daily life, residents can dip the brush with soapy water on the gas pipe interface to smear self-test. Once the residents find the gas leak in the room, please follow the following steps:

1.Shut off the main valve of air source quickly;

2. No opening or closing of any appliance or telephone is prohibited;

3. Extinguish all fire;

4.Quickly open doors and windows, let gas out to the outside;

5.Dial 24 hours service phone 96517 or rush call 4115132. Notify Gas Co to deal with it;

6.If you find a gas leak in your neighborhood, you should knock on the door and don’t use the doorbell to prevent the gas explosion caused by the electric spark;

7. If the situation is serious, should immediately withdraw from the scene, fire alarm phone 119 alarm.

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