The fourth plenary meeting of the Company’s Security Council in 2017 was successfully held

The fourth plenary meeting of the Company’s Security Council in 2017 was successfully held

On the afternoon of July 31, 2017, the fourth plenary (enlarged) meeting of the Company was held in the company. Deputy general manager of the company, security director Zhang Shuai presided over the meeting. Chairman Wangqui, General Manager Dingchangan , all the members of the company, the middle-level management, the Department of Safety and Security staff attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the participants collectively watched the safety production month summary video. deputy general manager Zhang Shuai summed up work in production month of 2017. Basic construction business, transmission and distribution operations, service passenger sound business, pipeline companies, heating companies in charge of the leadership, respectively, in the first half of 2017, the Department of Safety production work carried out a summary report.

After hearing the report, General Manager Ding Changan affirmed the Department of Safety production work , made comments of the performance and highlights of Department of Safety production. He pointed out that the first half of the company safety work overall situation is good, departments can strictly implement the responsibility of production safety system we should push forward the work of safety production, and try to build a gas environment for social safety, at the same time, continue to work on innovation, emerging good practices and ways such as the pipeline company “one view three talk” and other safe production work. He stressed that the second half of the work of production safety of the task is still arduous, not only to affirm the achievements, we should also see the problems and face the problems from the source, timely improved, maintain a high sense of responsibility and mission, pay close attention to production safety work in all aspects, to ensure that the second half of the work of production safety in an orderly manner.

In the second half of the production work, he required, first, Be solid to carry out a major inspection of safety. Departments should strictly in accordance with the requirements of the list of responsibility and the autonomous Region safety production inspection of the unified deployment, thoroughly carry out safety production self-examination, thoroughly investigate hidden dangers, timely rectification, and do a good job of preventive measures; second, grasp to do a good job in safety standardization construction work, to enhance the quality of production, strive to make major progress in work in the second half ; third, further consolidate the basis of safety production.Yinchuan is now a period of economic development, attaches great importance to gas safety, risk prevention and risk management, strengthen efforts to improve emergency response and early warning ability; fourth, continue to strictly implement the safety production assessment mechanism, take the system and the responsibility list as the carrier, promote the safety production responsibility layer implementation, further strengthen the responsibility consciousness, the overall situation consciousness, ensure the whole year safety production work goal completes successfully.

Chairman of the safety committee,Wang Kui,in conjunction with the State Council’s security Committee inspection team Feedback, require the company’s work of production safety to close around the main responsibility for production safety in the second half, carry out the implementation of risk identification and improvement of production safety emergency rescue plan, and carry out safety production training focus, problem oriented, to strictly implement the safety responsibility as the main line. To improve the safe production responsibility system as the starting point. To establish and improve the safe production responsibility system for power. On the chain of responsibility, implement the responsibility of supervision, continue to do a good job of production safety work.

He stressed that in the second half of production work, it is important to grasp the word “responsibility” and to take the responsibility as the main line of the work of working together: first, around the implementation of the work safety responsibility book, do a good job in all aspects of work; second, further improve the safety production responsibility chain, and improve the full coverage of all levels of safety production responsibility system, manage people with system; third, promote the establishment of the responsibility mechanism for safety production, and further establish and improve the supervision and inspection mechanism, rewards and punishments mechanism, through regular, irregular security inspection, timely detection of problems, trouble-shooting,further stimulate the departments through incentives and rewards. All posts should do a good job safety in the internal power.

He further stressed: the work of production safety. First, grasp the safety of people, establish the whole company to pay attention to safety, and safety responsibility awareness. Form safety production ability.Combine the effectiveness of the system and the people’s subjective initiative; second, grasp the safety. Ensure the safety of the company production equipment constantly is safe and effective. Further improve vehicle safety, equipment safety, safety of fuel gas facilities, and through examination and other means, to promote user gas facilities and equipment safety. Create a safe environment for the company’s operation and society; third, grasp the technical safety. Accelerate the networking table and the wisdom of gas engineering construction. Provide strong technical support for safety production through the introduction and application of advanced technology.

ZhangShuai, deputy general manager requires departments should deeply understand the spirit of the leadership speech and arrangements for the next step of production safety instructions, and do a good job to implement, work together to protect the next half of the company’s security work steadily.

The fourth plenary meeting of the Company’s Security Council in 2017 was successfully held