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Cultural Idea

Ningxia Hanas Gas group Company, Ltd, since its inception, has always spared no effort to devote to the construction of corporate culture. Corporate culture is the soul of enterprises, is to promote the continuous healthy and rapid development of enterprises inexhaustible power, is to promote and deepen the construction of spiritual civilization important content. In order to speed up the construction of “innovative Hanas, secure Hanas, wise Hanas, harmonious Hanas”, and continuously enhance the company’s soft power, The establishment of corporate culture in the relevant matters decided as follows:

To fully understand the importance and necessity of establishing enterprise culture
Advanced enterprise culture is the value orientation shared by all employees of an enterprise. It is the spiritual power to promote the sound and rapid development of an enterprise, and also an important component of the core competitiveness of an enterprise. At present, the company is in an important period of development opportunities. Constantly put the company’s development to a higher level and the new stage of development, we must attach importance to the construction of corporate culture soft power to the important new level of serious planning. The construction of corporate culture, is the inevitable requirement to deepen enterprise reform, promote the transformation of development mode and construction of the “Four Hanas”; it is the effective carrier to strengthen the party’s construction, promote the company’s spiritual civilization construction ; it is an important measure to mould the characteristic management model of Hanas and improve the soft power of the company continuously; it is also an important way to train high-quality staff and enhance the cohesion of the company. The company must fully understand the importance and necessity of establishing corporate culture from the height of promoting the development of the company. It should take the opportunity of establishing corporate culture as a turning point and work together to create a new situation for the reform and development of the company.

The basic content of corporate culture concept
Combined with the company’s practice, summing up the company’s various departments on the establishment of corporate culture ideas and suggestions, through sorting, refining, the basic form of corporate culture of the basic content, the main contents are:

(a), Company’s objectives: to construct “innovative Hanas, secure Hanas, wise Hanas, harmonious Hanas” and create a first-class gas comprehensive operation enterprises in northwest China.

(b), Company’s mission: to cultivate gas market and construct the blue Yinchuan, assist energy transformation.

(c), Spirit of the company: innovative, hard-working, pragmatic, enterprising, excellent, committed to lofty ideals.

(d), Company purpose: to create social wealth; to achieve shareholder benefits; to care for staff growth; to construct responsible enterprises

(e), Corporate values: to gas as a medium; to serve the community; to create value; to fulfill responsibility

(f), Company’s development philosophy

1), Business philosophy: Integrity management, security development, heart service, customer first

2), Safety concept: people-oriented, security above all, more than everything, before everything

3), Innovation concept: innovation endless, fight for first-class

4), Learning concept: applying knowledge and lifelong learning

5), Talent Concept: talent and sharing

6), Science and technology concept: science and technology prosper company, gas use wisely

7), Responsibility Concept: dedicated to work, strive for excellence

8), Team concept: sincere cooperation, inclusive development

9), Service concept: serve the community, true feelings come home

  1. To carry out learning practice of corporate culture requirements

Set up corporate culture, its purpose is to condense the general staff of the company’s development goals, development strategy and corporate value and business philosophy of the common identity, thus further stimulating and mobilizing staff for the company to develop output of internal power. Therefore, to learn, deepen and practice the corporate culture is the branch and departments to enhance the efficiency of the department’s important hand and important content. All branches and departments should attach great importance and take various ways to deepen the learning and practice of corporate culture.

One is to attach great importance to the idea, fully understand the importance of learning to practice the concept of corporate culture. It should combine the company’s development process, and strategy. By means of learning, discussion and theme propaganda, the majority of employees fully understand the basic connotation of corporate culture concept.

Two, the publicity should be extensive and in-depth The branches and departments should publicize the basic content of the corporate culture to the majority of employees through a variety of forms. At the same time in accordance with the requirements of the company, posting  the company’s unified printing company culture promotional materials in its office places. Company unions, the youth League take theme speeches and other lively forms around the publicity and learning of corporate culture. Form a strong learning to publicize the culture of the atmosphere in the company, so as to continuously enhance the company’s cohesion, centripetal force, and promote the company’s various business work to continue to a new level.

Three, the implementation should pay attention to actual effect. Each branch and each department should combine the actual work of the department and put forward clear requirements for the study, implementation and practice of corporate culture work, so that each employee can become the practitioner and propagandist of enterprise culture. The concept of corporate culture has become the staff’s habits, the publicity of the company, an indispensable soft power of the company, and continue to add new strength to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

On the afternoon of May 12, the Company invited Mr. Tang Xiaoyu, a member of the Standing Committee...