Listen to advanced stories and learn from the example spirit – Hanas holds an advanced deeds report

Listen to advanced stories and learn from the example spirit – Hanas holds an advanced deeds report

On the afternoon of June 9, 2017, the report on the advanced deeds of Ningxia Hanas Gas Group Co., Ltd. was successfully held and won the title of “Xixia Office and Company Design Department of Pipe Network Operation Department of Pioneer Workers in the Zone in 2017. Liang Manman, a staff member of the pipeline company won the honorary title of “Labor Medal,” and Yang Ning, the chief technician innovation studio with outstanding achievements in innovation in recent years, made a wonderful report for all employees.

Pipe Network Operation Department Xixia contains a total of 12 members which is all for the rehabilitation of soldiers.  Since its formation, the entire staff have been carrying forward the fine style of work that the revolutionary soldiers are not afraid of hardship and bravery. With the working concept of “small group and big service”, the entire team continuously strengthens the team building and enhances the management ability and skill level. Equipped with the whole, the business of fine, high-quality elite team, come to the fore in the industry, and continue to create impressive performance for the green, safe “big Yinchuan” made its due contribution to the building.

Yang Ning’s chief technician innovation studio was established in 2013. The members are all the backbone of the company’s technology. They carry forward the excellent, innovative craftsmanship, to solve the difficult problems in production as the fundamental purpose to innovate the operation process, improve equipment performance, improve operation process, and optimize the working environment for the workers as the highest and most sought after. Since its establishment, it has overcome more than 30 technical breakthroughs and made more than 80 innovation achievements, including “mobile natural gas with odor device”, “natural gas pipeline self-condensate condensate cylinder ” and ” Work on Effective Protection of Finished Products in Welding Construction “, respectively won the first, second and third prizes of” Five Small “Innovative Achievements of the National Seamen Construction Workers Union in 2015 in the national gas industry and created the direct economic benefits of 800 More million.

Design is a young and dynamic technical team of the company. Since its establishment, they uphold the company’s service concept of “serve the community, true feelings come home” and has always providing users with personalized gas design. It cumulatively completed 530,000 households of users design and more than 3,000 business users.  Faced with the rapid urban development, they insist on learning and innovation, and constantly improve their design capabilities. So that the company’s gas design level recognized by the majority of users in Yinchuan. In response to the actual problems encountered in the design work in recent years, they actively explored and boldly innovated and achieved gratifying results.  In the super high-rise building core tube well laying gas pipeline safety measures, indoor gas pipe brass buried technology applications, large-scale dark kitchen gas pipeline catering design projects, it won numerous awards.  In 2016, in Dayue City, Yuehai Xintiandi, Beijing Hualian and other large commercial projects, their excellent design level and serious and responsible work attitude were praised by customers and won the company’s reputation.

Pipeline company Liang Manman is a 16-year-old staff in serving company .  In the last 16 years, he has always maintained a steady and earnest working attitude at the grassroots level. He has constantly tempered his excellent business skills and has grown from a helper to an outstanding technical talent capable of playing a leading role in building the project.  In 2015, at the 3rd “Gas Cup” National Gas Industry Vocational Skill Contest, he took the pressure to calmly play and achieved the third and seventh best result in the competition group, winning the honor for Ningxia gas industry.  In his work, he has the courage to study hard and innovate. Among them, three scientific and technological innovations, such as the protection of finished pipe welding products, polyethylene pipe cutting molds and steel pipe welding counterparts, have been successfully applied in practice and made positive contributions to the accumulation of engineering technology of the company.

Some people say that judging whether a nation is a great standard does not depend on how powerful the population is and how powerful its population is. It depends on whether this nation can keep showing great figures that will illuminate the historic sky of mankind.  Similarly, to test whether a company is good depends on whether there is a continual emergence of good teams and good people in a company.  In recent years’ rapid development, Hanas also emerged a large number of advanced collectives and individuals, they have become the best portrayal of the company to promote development of clean energy, construction of clear water and blue sky of Yinchuan, and constantly provide our clients with quality natural gas products and services.

The company attaches great importance to giving birth to the leading role model. During the report, their vivid and simple language, inspiring deeds, conducted a strong resonance among the majority of employees. Ding Chang’an, the general manager, demanded that all employees take the advanced people as their example and actively study their dedication and dedication to extraordinary things. They should learn their painstaking efforts based on their own position, excellence and innovation.Learning from their hard work, strive for the glory of the spirit of struggle to be learning talent, innovative talent, service-oriented talent, and constantly build excellent team of solidarity which dare to fight, can fight, will fight.Let the excellence inherit and integrate into the enterprise development gene,  make due and greater contribution in their respective posts for the future development of the company.

The afternoon of June 9, 2017, Ningxia Hanas Gas Group Co., Ltd. advanced deeds report will be successfully...