Hanas participated in the “Month of Safe Production” Advocacy Day

Hanas participated in the “Month of Safe Production” Advocacy Day

On the morning of June 16, 2017, the 16th “Month of Production Safety” campaign was held in Guangming Plaza.  Hanas, together with hundreds of government departments and enterprises and institutions in the region, sent safety knowledge to the public during the scorching sun.

The company attaches great importance to this campaign day, network management department, customer service department, the Ministry of Security carefully prepared, jointly carried out in the form of new and effective.  In order to better achieve the publicity effect, in addition to providing consulting services and distributing promotional materials on the use of gas safety knowledge, it also pays inspection and security inspection equipment to explain to users on-site.

In the event, leaders of the autonomous region such as Ma Li and other leaders came to Hanas’ publicity platform and seriously asked Hanas for their safety work. They carefully warned Hanas to do a good job in safe operation and safety publicity and provide good service for the city’s vast number of natural gas users.

In front of the propaganda stage, a wealth of promotional activities attracted the public to come forward and take the initiative to obtain gas safety materials.  In the equipment display area, there are constantly curious crowd to watch. Propaganda staff answered user questions patiently, explained to you the safe use of knowledge, and demonstrated gas operation equipment on-site . Through close-up visits, many users said that they have a more vivid and intuitive understanding of Hanas’ work and they will pay more attention to gas safety knowledge in the future. In this event, the multi-function pen prepared for the user printed with gas safety knowledge , which is also subject to the user’s welcome, has become the square “sought-after goods.”  A pen is for multi-purpose which can not only write and bookkeeping, but also learn gas knowledge. Even elders love it.

The smooth promotion of this promotion day also brought a series of promotional activities of Hanas “Month of Safe Production” to a climax. From June 10 to 16, Wanhai communities in Wanhai, Yinchuan of China University of Mining and Technology Branch, in the Citizens Hall, Yinchuan City Department of Commerce, everywhere left Hanas propaganda figure.  “Into the community”, “into the organ”, “into the enterprise”, “into the school”, Hanas publicity continued to carry out continuous innovation in form and expand the scope of publicity, with practical action, conscientiously implement the safety concept of “everyone is a security officer” .

The afternoon of June 9, 2017, Ningxia Hanas Gas Group Co., Ltd. advanced deeds report will be successfully...